17 September 2008

I'm a reasonable man but I can't believe whats on your mind, and the past three weeks were the sadest weeks and the words you said oh made me weak.

This is what my artwork is about:

My practice centers on journaling as my version of a commonplace book. Commonplace books started as a Renaissance practice of responding to various texts. Readers would copy texts they wanted to remember or examine and then add their own observations. Later, writers such as John Milton would use commonplace books to keep account of their readings and organize their thoughts. Reading becomes a journey. The commonplace book serves as a kind of guidepost.
Reading and writing have become inseparable in my work. I believe that the writing and rewriting process most strongly informs my artwork. These books are the starting place for my paintings whereby I initiate and track a vigorous reworking. Text plays a vital role in my paintings. Writing serves as a record as well as a tool. Collage and found text are used as a springboard for layered meanings.
The finished artwork is not meant to directly illustrate the source material. Rather, it is an experiential record of my own reactions and particular thought process.
I am influenced by the works of Robert Rauschenberg and Joseph Cornell. Contemporary artist that interest me include Mark Bradford and Jim Houser. These artists are able to connect the mundane to the poetic. They also have all used text within their artwork. I also admire their willingness to return to similar themes.

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