22 July 2008

running amok

Okay, lots of people have been asking me exactly what I am up to these days. For the short answer please read the title of this post. For the long answer please keep reading. I'm writing this on my break and it's been a busy day so this is short!

My life now:
1. I have a real job. I work on campus for the Nanoscale Research Facility. My official title is Receptionist but I actually do a lot, closer to being Assistant Manager. I coordinate tours of the building and I am learning how to authorize spending. We are in the process of buying equipment and machines that can be a couple million dollars EACH so it's a big job. I like it.
2. I am still an artist. I still paint and am still incredibly serious. I am actually looking at the business side of art as well. Right now I am working on an embroidered art piece, it's the same one I mentioned a few days ago.
3. I'm looking at grad schools. I plan to apply this winter to hopefully get in somewhere that next fall.
4. I am moving to New York. I am really only interested in living in New York City. It's cliche, but I love that place. Unless I fall in love with a school that is not there. If I do not get into art school there I will be still moving there and working. So, I'm saving money and trying to establish connections there.

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