28 July 2008

Am I into music? What do I listen to??

It's a hard set of questions to answer. Mostly I lie and act like I'm not into music. I've done the same thing with art before. Mostly I don't want to talk about Salvador Dali. Or look at watercolors. Oh and If your favorite author is Chuck Palunik, I do not want to read your short stories. Put them away. Let's do something else.

I would say so yet I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite all time band. I'm like, a schizophrenic music fan. I'd say nine inch nails would be up there. And The Smiths. Oh I adore Morrissey. And the insanely talented Butch Walker.As well as Elliot Smith. And REM. Probably Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley as well. Those are long time ones though. Older music I like includes The Clash, The Who, and Roy Orbinson. Those are musicians I could listen to on repeat forever.

It takes me a long time to get into new music.I suppose Kimya Dawson (from The Moldy Peaches) is a newer favorite. I remember liking the Moldy Peaches but I really just got reintroduced to her sweet music after seeing Juno. And I adore Vampire Weekend's CD. Oh I guess you could put Raine Maida's solo CD up there too. Check The Hunter's Lullaby out. It's great. I also enjoy The Decemberists.

I also believe that while you can like both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, you truly only belong to one or the other. I think one claims you like it or not. And as much as I admire the Beatles, especially George I am a Stones kid. "Wild Horses" gets me every time.

As far as hip-hop goes I like my Kanye. Don't hate. Katy got me into listening to Flobots. I also enjoy Aesop Rock. So I tend to like clever lyrics with a bit more social commentary.

I can't stand Dave Matthews Band, most Radiohead*, Pink Floyd, and songs with incoherent mumbling.

* Okay, I like "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Creep". Whatever.

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KT said...

we are friends because we hate the same bands.

oh, and did i tell you? kanye and i are betrothed. the spirit of your biracial god children lives.