28 May 2008

witch baby

Happy Wednesday loves!

Most of you know me. Some of you have stumbled across this page by chance. I think that's cool. Another chance happening lead to me finding one of my favorite authors. My mom brought home a book because she thought I would like it because the author and I have the same first name.
Francesca Lia Block kicks ass. She's like this gorgeous poet goddess writer who is just so effortlessly cool. Really! She's like.... Betsey Johnson dresses, Tori Amos, glitter, and so many other things I love. I so wanted to be her when I grew up.
She writes about women finding their strength and identity. Plus she puts them in these fairytale worlds with mythic creatures and magic. Her books were a comfort to me when I was a teenager and they continue to inspire me today. I remember reading Weetzie Bat and just wishing so hard that I could have a life as vibrant and as exciting as the title character's. It made me feel way less alone. I don't know what I would have done without her words. They are like a map to my heart. Even now I read those book to feel brave.
And now I see that Francesca Lia Block has an offical Myspace. Of course I added her. And she added me back! It's nice to see a few pictures of her. She's very pretty and looks waaaay younger than 45. And she commented that she liked one of my paintings!

Holy crap! Francesca Lia Block, writer of Necklace of Kisses saw something I made and liked it. That's a great feeling. I still can't believe it! I had to go outside and walk around for a minute. it's freaking hot outside. I did not know what to do with myself. So this post is for you, Francesca Lia Block. Keep up the great work.

Books I particularly liked by Francesca Lia Block:
Violet & Claire - I think this one should be made into a movie.
Echo - I think the character I most identified with. The copy I have is really beautiful too. Small hardcovers are so gorgeous.
Necklace of Kisses - An update on Ms. Weetzie with an all new adventure just for her.
Girl Goddess #9 - This is short stories
and of course:
Dangerous Angels - The collected Weetzie Bat books.

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