17 May 2008

Dry & Tame: Orlando weekend

I went to Wet & Wild with my best girls. This was my first time at a water park and I think I like them. It was really fun but it might have also been the company.
FINALLY got to see Amy. A reunion of sorts. You know, sometimes you don't realize how much you miss someone until you see them again. It was cool to have Fish, Jen, Katy, Amy, and myself all in one place.
Amy is so awesome. She arranged for us to all stay in a hotel that was more like a townhouse. It was really nice. And it was nice to get to know her boyfriend better because he's great too. Lucky duck! Amy's sister Lisa also came and brought her betrothed Adam.
We all had a ridiculous amount of fun. Conversational highlights include Katy and I trying to decide which one of us would be the butch one if we were really in a relationship* and what delicious enormous chain restaurant we were going to eat at. I finally tried Bahama Breeze. I was not disappointed though I do wish I would have ordered one of those cute margaritas. Cheesecake Factory has got to open a restaurant in Gainesville!
Orlando is funny place. It's mostly made of plastic. But the memories are decidedly not plastic. Not even close.

*Interestingly enough, both of us were arguing for the butch role. In the end we decided to not let male/female dynamics define our same-sex relationship.

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