11 March 2008

I fought the mall and the mall won

So far I have done nothing of merit during our spring break. Our dear Katy is currently in El Salvador saving the world. Amy is working hard in DC. Zi is teaching. Jen and I are currently on the Mall tour of Florida. Oh and watching way too much television. And eating food. It feels goooood.

Today we went to my old hangout, the sawgrass mills mall. It was pretty sweet. Only one slightly sketchy thing happened. A man approached Jen and I while we were at the food court. He asked Jen what time the mall closed. Jen replied that she didnt know. He said that he came here all the time. Then he asked me if I was going to finish my food. I said no and gave him the rest of my Sbarro pasta.


Tongiht I am writing a new cover letter for some jobs. Someone give me a good job. I might end up asking strangers if they are going to finish that pasta.

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