15 February 2008

my laptop os not charging...oh noes

So, I'm at the Architecture Lab.... What a fun Friday night. Ha. Still, I made myself go into my studio and think about my next move on my work. Got some stuff done.

Checked out three more books on Joseph Cornell today. I think he is one of my favorites. I'm reading excerpts from his diary.

I went to the Harn today with my class. The Shey collection is pretty amazing. I can't imagine actually owning some of those pieces though. I guess you need a big house. I really liked the small Diebenkorn. And the Milton Avery watercolors. The Elmer Bischoff is probably the most badass painting that is in the whole show though. It's called Figures in Room. If you are close to Gainesville you should probably check it out.

My first shadowbox is done. It's scary to do something so different from what I usually work on.

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