13 November 2007

random thoughts on amy winehouse

My friend Jen and I talk online constantly. I thought this was funny:

me: is it bad that i like amy winehouse ?
salty jen: no. but you have to hate her hair by default.
me: ugh. i think the updo is an interesting look but her's is too big.
salty jen: yeah
me: i do sorta like the bardot on crack eyeliner
salty jen: it looks like if it got any bigger, her head would snap off her neck
me: lol. im adding this part of the conversation to my blog. winehouse is british?
salty jen: i don't think so. i don't know where she's from.
me: i dont think i have ever heard her speak
salty jen: i just know that she doesn't want to go to rehab
me: no no no

"I love sugar.... I'm like an ant!" - Our friend Erica after enjoying a super sweet pink drink with a sugared ring at The Top. By the way, I hate it when people refer to The Top as Tops.

And as much as I like Amy Winehouse I like another Amy better. She's like my guru.

"it's easy to look back on past relationships and only see how they ended, and only see what you could have done differently. but i honestly think that relationships are learning experiences, and a failed relationship is not a reflection on you, or on anyone."

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