26 October 2007

random thoughts on today

Jim Butcher could do a better job on the Harry Dresden novels. I'm halfway done with writing a short story. No Idea where it is going still.

Tonight was the printmaking show. It was really great. I went with Lindsey and David. I sort of wished I would have taken lithography. Printmaking is such a unique process. The professor, Bob Mueller, is one of the most unique people I have ever met. He's one of a kind. Bob gives this incredible speech about the times he has been in Iceland that is so moving, funny, strange, and wonderful. He's such an exciting man.

The paintings are going well. I am doing large paintings of words. Get excited. I'm going to live in the studio now.

Do you ever google someone you know? Or yourself? It's really creepy what comes up. Try it.

Happy Birthday Amanda!

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