18 September 2007

Okay, so I really don't know what to think about this. It's sickening.I'm really against tasering people in general. But, they SHOULD have arrested him. He refused to move and clearly didnt think that the offficers meant business. It's some punk kid who thought their were no consequences to his actions. You can tell he thought the officers were just going to let him go. He was being hostile. Dude, when the police tell you to move, you move. If he had and the force was still excessive he could have talked to a lawyer. He wasn't asking questions, he was deliberately disrupting a public forum. What shocked me was when all of those policemen got on top of him. Was that necessary? I doubt it. They could have just issued him a written arrest and kicked him out. The worst part is that Kerry was answering his question after all. All in all, handled very poorly.

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