17 July 2007

see jane run

Jane magazine is no more as of August 2007. My friend, the fabulously eloquently cynical Amy, mentioned it to me a few days ago. Note: Super impressive DC PR firm needs to give Amy back. I for one am sort of relieved. While I was a fan years ago, the more recent issues have seemed a little well, boring. Jane used to have more spirit to it. It was starting to be sort of typical. And pandering. And I have no idea how you can ask the founder and editor of the magazine (Jane Pratt) to leave and still consider it the same magazine. I mean, it was named after her! Plus, she was really freaking cool, a real person who seemed to put her own personal stamp on each issue.
Truthfully, I heard the death rattle of this publication when Avril Lavigne was put on the cover. I mean, how lame is that?
What’s next though? With the exception of a few great publications, the women’s magazine industry is a festering stagnant pool. In it’s heyday, Jane was fun because it had something for everyone in an entertaining and cool way. I think that Nylon lives up to this but it more geared towards art/fashion/culture rather than realistic advice, women’s health, beauty, and social issues. Plus, it's not as widely circulated. That is severely lacking in a culture where Nicole Ritchie’s BMI is monitored as if it is Homeland Security’s Terror Alert system

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