03 July 2007

the luckiest idiot ever

its for the elite, because letterpress room is very small and so they only let people in that are going to work very hard and make good work- beau on letterpress
I'm in love with my two summer classes. I am taking a class on Chaucer and on that I THOUGHT was going to be Painting: Narrative Strategies.

Notice the bold, capital letters.

Their are two are studio classes offered this summer. Both of them are designated ART4930.

I signed up for the wrong one!

The class I signed up for was a mystery to me. It was just called image/text process. WTF mate? I didnt even know what the heck that class was/is. Who does that?

But I walked into it today and it turned out to be (drum roll please) LETTERPRESS !

I ADORE letterpress. It's using movable lead type to create printed words. You can also incorprate images by using linoleum blocks. The finished results look really gorgeous and rich. It's really really tedious but also so cool.

So, I'm the luckiest jerk ever.

You can hate me if you want.

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