04 February 2007


Working at Shands. Arts in Medicine. I make crafts with kids who are staying at the hospital. Tee shirts are really popular. It's pretty heavy but I like it so far. I hope I can do a good job. I'm working with some of my friends. I have to decorate my apron. I'm thinking of sewing things on it.

Eating too much sushi at Rolls n Bowls. The people there know me. I even made up my own custom roll. Delicious wontons. Starbucks has also become my friend.

Organizing the Empty Bowls Project as part of my class. I'm very excited. I have emailed a bunch of different people about it.

Having a Valentine's Day party at my house with my girls. I'm making cupcakes.

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Amy said...

um, you're cupcakes are going to be delicious! i'm sooooo excited for them. :)

ps: link to my blog!