15 January 2007

ARH 3423: Gender, Represention and the Visual Arts 1500-1900

My art history class can also be taken as a Women's Studies class.
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This is an excerpt from my response paper:
Today, women artists are common. Things have certainly changed since Mary Cassatt’s day. Still, the persona of the great artist seems to be still trapped in this tortured white male stereotype. Think Picasso with his notorious ego. Think Van Gogh’s ear and fragile mental state. Even now most of the rock star artists, those that are featured on the covers of Artforum, are white men with more than a little bit of attitude. Damien Hirst comes to mind. He puts dead animals in large glass tanks and leads a raucous life. Probably the best example of this is Jeff Koons. Jeff Koons has cultivated a personality that is larger than his artwork. John Currin also fits this bill with his well-endowed cheesecake cuties. While female artists are doing better than they ever have not one of them can match this kind of swagger. Not yet anyway.

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