08 December 2006


Hey everybody.

Last night was a nice night at the Top. Now I know Amy thinks that the top is the bottom but I love their Santa Fe stuffed chicken. In fact, I have made my own version at home. Plus, they stop serving dinner at 1:30 in the morning so its about the only decent place to eat. The Top is one of the few places in Gainesville known as "hipster" but I liked the nonpretensious music they were playing last night. I do believe I heard some Bon Jovi. Our waiter was a guy I know from Art history and our service was excellent.

Today I got my hair cut at the really cute salon la di da. It was a little overpriced but freaking awesome. I do not think I would ever get anything beyond a haircut there as I am poor. Maybe I can trade a painting for some highlights and gel.

This leads me to my next topic of conversation: my poorness. I am a poor college student. Not ramen noodle poor but my parents don't own the color blue either. My parents work really, really, really hard all th time. Still even if thy did have more money I thinkthat since they are great parents I still wouldnt be rolling around in their money. Being poor sucks. Not bing able to just blow money on trips sucks. Having to buy verything on sale sucks. I'd like to go on a great Spring Break but I have never had the means to do so. I'd like to go back to Europe but that probably won't happn. Now, to be fair, I have expensive tastes.I aspire to be a ridiculously rich person with many, many handbags. INDEPENDANTLY, not as someone's wife. I'm not exactly trophy wife material anyway. I also want to be a wildly successful artist. To do this, their is only one solution.


That's right, Yale. Like New Haven Yale. Yale school of painting is the best painting school in the world. Can I gt there? I know I can. But I need to become better at art. I need to start looking at even more art than I do now.

In the mean time.......I need a freaking job. To pay bills, not to buy things I don't need.

I can do that after I make my first million.

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