21 December 2006


OKay, I was looking for something about journal writing and I was using Yahoo! to do this. I dont usually use the Yahoo! search engine. Apparently, Yahoo! has this this where you can ask questions and other people will respond. I happened to come across this:

Help needed with Journal Topics...?
Hi there..I have an English assignment to do..of 3.5 pages (approximately 500 words). I have got to write abt anything..any could be a world related issue or anything personal..Please help me..what topics could i choose to write..the topics should be interesting and something i can write abt (as i have to write 500 words). If u give me a topic to write..please include some of the key points i could include..otherwise, Thanks a lot for ur help!!

P.S: I need the topics in 2 hrs!! Please help me out as soon as possible!!

Now I do not know how a 500 word paper would be three and a half pages but that's not important. Here is the reponse:
How about procrastination? Because you shouldn't have waited until the last minute to write your paper. And you could use you as an example for your key points on the subject. Explain the procrastination can cause stress and irresponsibility. You should get an A!

Snarky? Maybe a little but she's right. What's even more hilarious is that you get to vote on how good the answers given are. This one got the most votes. I love it.

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