14 December 2006

Being less wasteful....

Okay so I have lived with a couple of rather frugal roommates. I have also lived with and been around incredibley wasteful people. I was taught not to waste things from my parents. Plus, I really care about the environment. Yet when I looked for more energy saving costs and examples of frugal living all i found were granola hippie ideas that were unrealistic and quite lame. But I thought a few of the ideas give on mtv's website were pretty okay.

Here are some of the easy lazy people things to do:
Invest in local products and you will save the energy of transportation and often get something of higher quality. The food at the local grocery WARD'S is amazing and the produc is cheaper than at Publix. Go to the farmer's market.
Invest in a reusable plastic bottle for the gym instead of buying and wasting plastic materials.
When shopping for notebooks, look for narrow-ruled pages and paper with 50 to 100 percent post-consumer waste. This is easy and you will buy less notebooks. While you are at it, don't throw away notebooks that still have paper in them. Use them for scrap work or keep taking notes in them.
Turn off your computer when it's not in use and you could save $120 a year. Sleep mode and screen savers don't save energy! Saves money. Unplug your cell phone charger when you arent using it. Also saves money.

And lame ideas I thought that I could improve on:
Save a tree by wrapping your presents in newspaper instead of wrapping paper. This is lame. At least save the comics section and use that. Or use recycled paper.
Save on paper and cash by using online invites for your next event. Online invites can be tricky. If it is a more formal party you will have to call to confirm. If it is something very important, use recycled paper and make your own invites.

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