08 November 2006

I keep making these "To Do" lists but nothing gets crossed out.

Watching Top Chef.
I kinda want to be a notary, it's like being a superhero. My mom is a notary. I remember being really sad that becoming a notary isn't that hard. I should look into it.
Today I painted pottery with my sisters. I made a sake dispenser and cup. I want to go back and make some more. Hopefully they will be cool. They are supposed to email us when the are done. The place in the Reitz is really, really cool. I'm excited.
No school on Friday! Wheee! Exciting.
I have decided my schedule for next semester:
Painting Structure and Transformation- The last painting class before Advanced Painting!
Representing Gender in Art- With Ms.Hyde. She is one of my favorite teachers.
Man's Food- Online class. I need it to fufill my English degree requirements.
Experimental Drawing- With Ron Janowich. He is probably one of the most famous of the UF art faculty.

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