26 November 2006

a few blogs that are worse than mine, one that is not

Let's start with the good news. My partner in crime ,Amy, has made her own blog. It's way better written than mine and you should probably read it. I have to defend myself though by saying I am not that indie. Okay, now I am going to put on my black tee shirt, thrift store jewlery, and pro-keds. I'm going to the Civic Media Center in the morning and eating krishna lunch in the afternoon.

Just kidding.

In real life I:
1. Don't own any pro-keds.
2. Cannot enter the civic media center. I went there once, it was too dusty. It was sad because they have a bunch of zines and stuff. I am too allergic to join the revolution.
3. Do not eat krishna lunch regularly. I like meat.

You can't hold the black tee shirts and thrift store jewlery against me.

Amy's blog is

Some weird blogs to view:

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