12 October 2006

people i have called today on my cellphone:

In order of most recent to earlier in the day:

Mom: I called her on her cell because she was travelling home. She told me the Dad was making hamburgers for dinner. I bet they will be awesome because my Dad is the best cook ever. I'm going to stat witing down his recipes and learning how to cook.

Ali: I guess I got the wrong number fom Sabrina. Some girl answered. Wrong number. That sucks.

Jessica: My Cooper Union friend. I let it ring and didnt leave a message. I'll try later.

Sergio: Sergio never answers his phone. He should just get a landline.

Robert: No idea what happened to him. Left him a message.

Mom: Called her work line.

Jessica: The Gainesville one. I left a message. Later she called me back. We a contemplating a wild Atlantic night.

Amy: I called her to bitch about some stuff. She was on my side. Later I called her to have someone to talk to during the hour and a half long wait on line for a bus ticket for my mom.

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