02 October 2006

im so white

Okay, last night I went to SOULFEST which is billed as the most "diverse" homecoming event. It was great. Club Creole did this cool dance that was reminescent of traditional Haitian dances but still sort of modern. A guy got up there and did some slam poetry. African Student Union did a sort of fashion show dance thing. Some of them had traditional garb on. Hands Down did a really impressive dance. They are fantastic! All of the girls had on referee shirts and the yellow flags tucked in on their waistbands. Some had whistles. Sam, Sergio's sister recently joined them. She is a really great dancer, I saw her high school team once and i did not even know dance teams in high school did such elaborate choreography. I'm jealous, I have no natural rhythmn at all.

The only bad thing about SOULFEST was that the venue was a little too small. A ton of people were there but it was hard to see. I'm glad a lot of my sisters showed up.

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