07 September 2006

a list of things i want to do

Life list
1. Run half marathon
2. Learn to speak Spanish
3. Go to Paris
4. volunteer at a homeless shelter
5. get better at photography
6. learn how to drive a standard (stick shift)
7. bake a brioche
8. Go to California
9. drive on the highway alone
10. write a novel
11. go to a South Beach hotspot
12. visit Marfa, Texas and the Donald Judd museum
13. sew a dress
14. learn how to do ceramics
15. write more letters
16. get published
17. learn how to draw cartoons and cool illustration stuff
18. knit a hat
19. save the environment
20. learn how to silkscreen
21. learn how to play an instrument
22. see Rilo Kiley (or just Jenny Lewis) live
23. see Tom Petty
24. see Butch Walker again
25. help animals
26. do a shoulder stand
27. go to big aquarium in Atlanta

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