18 September 2006

Boys should be like bose.....

It's sad that one of my most significant relationships is with a speaker. bose and i are having problems though. the mircowave and i are still on good terms.

me: my poor bose isnt working
amy: and what are you talking about, your bose? like, a speaker?
me: its an ipod player and we are in a relationship
amy: hmm...ok. well, then i'm sorry to hear that
me: im all like "No baby, don't do that. We can work it out." But he's not saying anything.
amy: always nonresponsive
me: He's a noncommunicator.
amy: dump him
me: I can't. I've invested too much in this. I thought we were in it for the long haul. But all I get is static. I've tried everything. I know he loves me! I'm gonna give it some time with bose. we can work it out. Otherwise im going to have to call in the professionals.
amy: aah... by the professionals do you mean a repairman, or a new system BECAUSE I"M READY FOR A NEW FUCKING SYSTEM! wow, see what i mean? i'm really edgy. sorry bout that!
me: repair. unlike other guys i know, bose has a warranty.
amy: aah. that is a crucial difference
me: if they cant fix him they will give me a better one! when in life does that happen?

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