29 August 2006

My new favorite teacher

My new favorite teacher is Professor Losano. He claims that life should be like soccer, if you do one of five unforgivable things you first get a yellow card. If you do the thing again, you get a red card and are killed. These 5 things are:
1. Driving slowly in the left lane.
2. Being mean to animals.
3. Being mean to children.
4. Having your cell phone go off in class.
5. The fifth one I can't remember. Hopefully it's nothing I will do accidentally.

He also talked about when he wasn't married to his current wife. He said " I used to have students over because you do things like that when you are single. They would come over for class. But the students drank all of my wine. They even drank the good wine that was used only for seductive purposes."

He was also using postcards as an example of things that are trite. He then gave us two rules to follow when sending postcards.

What to do when sending a postcard:
1. The image must agree with the message.
2. Put one word on the postcard that doesnt make sense.

I have more to write but if i do it now it will be gibberish.

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