27 July 2006

Too many thoughts.

I hav had way too many thoughts today. Now I am taking Dayquil and eating chocolate. My heart may explode.
I have seen many cool things today, most of them of the internet variety. A man hit me on the head.

Did you know hellboy is being made into an animated series? Cool.
Hellboy animated!
I LOVE this guy's artwork!
Jed ALexander's cool artwork
A Blog all about Disney!
Please buy me some mirrormask stuff...
Mirrormask's offical site
Mirrormask Wikipedia entry
All the people that inspire me with links to who they are. I love wikipedia!

Isabella Stewart Gardner
Steve Reich - genius composer
Donald Judd - one of my favorite sculptors.
Wes Anderson - great filmmaker.
The Royal Tenenbaums
Marc Jacobs - the greatest american designer, ever!
Elliot Smith
Butch Walker - love him! seen him tice in concert. greatest live performer.
Edie Sedgwick - before their was Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton, or any of those other girls famopus for doing nothing, there was Edie. She was fashion incarnate.
Diana Vreeland - The ultimate fashionista. I want my room to be red now.
Never fear being vulgar, just boring” - Diana Vreeland
More info on Dian Vreeland
Gary Snyder - Amazing Poet. "For Poems for Robin" is my favorite poem of all time.
Christian Bale - I really wish he was my boyfriend. Really, he's so good that it hurts.

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