24 July 2006


Banksy is one of my favorite artists. I am not a graffiti artist but I am interested in art in public spaces. I want to make art that is going to be seen. I am not that interested in the art elite. I love galleries but I understand why people don't go.

I wish I could cut a stencil.

Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction) and Shepard Fairey (obey giant) talking about him:

A British feature on him:

And, I thought the wall footage was particularily gorgeous and timely. So here is another clip of it. Don't listen to the art critic.

Banksy's official website.


Butterfly Jones said...

I went to one of his exhibitions a few years back. Where he had painted on cows, and vans and cars and shit. His stuff is all over the walls of east London. Kinda cool. A woman my ex is really good friends with works with him, so I guess she knows what he actually looks like.

newloghere said...

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